Thought I might just put this out there


Get there early and don’t miss out on these memories! Also, be sure to wear your Halloween costumes to the special releases in Boston + LA.



Saturdays Off the 405 recap

If there is anything better than a free concert. It might as well be the nicest venue to have one. Aloe Blacc played and conquered. Bring a nice date. If the atmosphere doesn’t do it for you. The scenery will.

Maybe next time………


Just in case you missed tonight…

Metro Ride?

I just found this in my archive of photos. I remembered taking the photo because it was just another funny reminder of how unexpectedly wonderful Los Angeles is. Maybe get some sun and get lost in Lost Angeles. ( and yes, this is a real unedited photo)

Car Convention

So every once in awhile I feel like I should share some photo[s] from my past that tell an interesting story. For example. This past year I went with my brother to the LA convention center for the Autoshow where we were able to test drive this car.
While looking inside the vehicle, we stumble upon probably the most amazing feature possible. A PARTY MODE button.
After we did the test, they asked us what we thought of the car. Here’s what I said….

Christian Rich – The decadence Mixtape

Hooking up with the Billionaire Boys Club, Clinton Sparks and Mick Boogie comes Christian Rich. Uber rich tones. It’s a love/hate for me, but listen for yourself. Plus the music video for Famous Girl is pretty dope. Download here [Famous Girl is my favorite]



I don’t know what it is about them, but they just seem to be a nice & innocent fun thing to get anywhere you find one . If you don’t know, it was the one from the movie BIG. If you don’t know the movie, maybe you should watch it. Mine said in short

You were nature’s stepchild. Always getting in trouble. You can fit easily into any group. You are very impulsive and life should hold no dull moments for you.