LACMA Artwalk – My Muse

The once a year event of the LACMA Artwalk on Saturday not only took place on site at the museum, but down 5 museums down the Museum mile in LA. FOOD TRUCKS GALORE.  Hosted by Muse, which is one of the premiere membership privileges group. Muse is basically a large group of young upcoming artists as well as art enthusiasts. Throughout the year Muse hosts to the public and to Muse’s members a series of art centralized events falling under social , educational and philanthropic. Not too bad. Event offerings like private exhibits, Culinary Adventures [ score!],  and the infamous costume ball during Halloween, which is a must go to. A Halloween costume ball that happens on the roof of the LACMA museum.

Become a Member to Muse and learn what it means to be a part of LA culture.

[Honestly lets face it, when you tell people you’re a member to Muse, you can say things like eloquently pedantic and wear ascots with your dress shirts.]



Shu Mai anyone?


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